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Debit Card

Use your checking account at your convenience

The Caldwell Bank and Trust Debit Card looks like a credit card, but it works just like a paperless check. CB&T Debit Card can be used at retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, over the Internet, and almost anywhere VISA® is accepted.

Stop by Caldwell Bank & Trust and apply for your debit card. It's easy, convenient, and secure to use that you'll always want it with you.

Simple and secure

When you use your debit card, your purchases are deducted directly from your Caldwell Bank checking account. A receipt is provided to you at the point of sale, plus your CB&T checking account statement also details your CB&T Debit Card transactions for accurate record keeping.

Use as an ATM card

You may also use your CB&T Debit Card to get cash, make transfers and get balances at any CB&T ATM machine plus thousands of other ATM locations worldwide -wherever you see the "Intercept, Pulse or Plus."

personal debit card
personal debit card

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