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Debit Card Safety Tips

13 tips for keeping your debit card safe

1. Be sure to keep the bank informed of all changes in your contact information.

2. Notify the bank when traveling out of state. The bank can place a travel alert on your card to prevent your card from being blocked for suspicious or fraudulent transactions.

3. Never share or write down your debit card PIN. Keep your PIN secret.

4. Do not provide your debit/credit card number & PIN to an unsolicited email or online request.

5. When shopping online look for secure transaction symbols, such as the little "lock" logo in the lower right-hand corner or your browser and Web addresses that start with "https".

6. When you complete your online purchases, be sure to log off the site.

7. Protect your card. Treat it like cash.

8. Always take your receipt and reconcile back to your account by viewing online/mobile banking or statement. Notify the bank immediately if you notice suspicious activity or if your card has been lost or stolen. To report your card lost or stolen after hours call (800) 500-1044.

9. Be alert when retrieving cash from an ATM.

10. Block the view of others when entering your PIN.

11. Use ATMs that are located in an area with plenty of lights.

12. Be observant of any "skimming devices" attached to the ATM. Skimming devices are devices that are attached to the ATMs by fraudsters to retrieve your card number & PIN.

13. Observe your surrounding when approaching a walk-up ATM. If you observe suspicious activity, leave the area immediately.


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