Convenience | Business Debit Card

The Caldwell Bank and Trust Debit Card looks like a credit card, but it works just like a paperless check. CB&T Debit Card can be used at retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, over the Internet, and almost anywhere VISA® is accepted.

It's secure and the easy way to pay for things!

When you use your debit card, your purchases are deducted directly from your Caldwell Bank checking account. A receipt is provided to you at the point of sale, plus your CB&T checking account statement also details your CB&T Debit Card transactions for accurate record keeping.

It's an ATM card, too!

You may also use your CB&T Debit Card to get cash, make transfers and get balances at any CB&T ATM machine plus thousands of other ATM locations worldwide -wherever you see the "Intercept, Pulse or Plus."

Get your CB&T Debit Card today!

Get your CB&T Debit Card today! Stop by Caldwell Bank & Trust and apply for your debit card. It's so easy, convenient and secure to use that you'll always want it with you.